Sunday, 4 September 2016

3D RENDERING - Brief of 3D Rendering

3D rendering is a process in the field of Computer Science that relates to 3D Graphics, and Designing these graphics that automatically converts 3D wireframe models into the images in 2D with 3D to be rendered on a computer.

Concept of 3D Rendering:-
Rendering is best done in Three Dimensional (3D) mode in order to give a Reality experience in the virtual world, just like a photo speaking. Previously in the era of non-computers the Rendering was done through hand by sketching, drawing, and filling colours. But in the modern era of Computers, at The Cheesy Animation Factory we provide 3D Rendering services for all of your rendering needs. Whatever your blueprint is we have ready materials to make it alive with our rendering services. 3D rendering services requires a lot of care and concept concern for accurate design and superb illustration of what is to be seen in the virtual world and in any screen, be it a mobile, tablet or a super-large screen. It also involves complex mathematical calculations and dimension matriculation, etc. for the Orthographic and Isometric Projection that are required for the 
Applied 3D Rendering Service:-

When the pre-image, or a wire framing is done, the role of rendering is sought, which is kept in texturing of Bitmap images, texturing, lights, bump mapping and relative position to other objects and the dimension of all these objects. The end-result of all these processes when undergone, is a completed image that is seen by the client or intended viewer. For 3D rendering services in movies, animations, screenplays, presentation, cinematography, or other of that sort, primarily few images are rendered, and attached together in a 3D rendering service offering software program, which is capable of making an animation of this sort. 
The Cheesy Animation Factory is master not only in this but also in almost all the other tasks related to 3D rendering and the 3D rendering services including the process of –
  • Converting a model in to an image either by photograph or drawn using computer graphics facility.
  • Lighting and Scattering which deals with the phenomenon of refraction and reflection of the light.
  • Projection in 3D rendered module is achieved when the above steps are correctly completed and the final projected image gives an idea of the actual result.
  • Colour combination finalization, rasterizing, tracing, ray-casting, image ordering and shading, along with adding and mixing the other relevant elements will provide the best creative way to indulge the viewer in to the image. So much mesmerism can only be achieved with the superior class quality attainment and minute detailing.
The Cheesy Animation Factory does this all for the clients to fulfil not only the wish of the client but also fully satisfy the client. 
Applications: - Everywhere! Whatever the human eye can perceive or view can be rendered with best 3D rendering services. It is applied in architecture, 3D designing modules, simulations, photography & filmography, concepts of graphic designing, illustrations, embossing and bevelling, etc. 


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