Wednesday, 14 September 2016

3D Architectural Animation Film And 3D Walkthrough Creation Ideas.

An animation is the best and the most suitable way that acts as medium to represent any object of real-life as well as non-real life. With the help of a computer, an Architectural animation, which is a short movie or a film describing information and short details about the architectural structure is created. This possess lot of images and frames assembled together in sequence at a constant and a variable time interval.

It is a computer-generated building created along with landscapes and other minute details that may have artistic moving people and vehicles. These images are played back to produce a movie effect much like a real movie camera. The environment is also a computer-created one around the building or an architectural structure to enhance reality. All this is done at an animation studio by animation and rendering artists.

Design Principles –

  1. Layout: - First of all, the layout of hand-drawn sketches, art-work of architectural entities of a particular building are drawn. This gives a rough idea in 2D regarding what is to be included in the movie.
  2. Story Boarding: - Once the objects, parts, views, and relevant materials are identified, it is now directed by an animation director to represent all this is a story. Though an architectural animation and 3D Walkthrough may not need a story, still it is a good idea to develop a story. Since every dwelling space has something or the other to say. Find that out and on-board as a story.
  3. Modelling / Character Rigging: - Once the story is set, now it is ready to be made as a pictograph. The objects like walls, vehicles, moving men, playing children whatever a dwelling place may have, are rigged as characters and the modelling is done. This is give life to the animation. And they make give a short notion about the place.
  4. Add sounds and animation effects / Timings: - Once the characters and the story is ready, it is now captured in an animation program. At the right time a right scene should appear and that too making a decent and the most relevant sound (e.g. Opening of a closed door, breezes, creatures and birds creeping, etc.) This enhances the whole scene and the viewer gets the real experience.
  5. Review the 3D Walkthrough Architecture of the Animation: - Not only the real architectural structure, but along with that the animation is also required to be reviewed. There is a lot happening possibility to the real concrete structure, like rain, dusk, whirlpool, etc. All these can also be included in an animation.

The Cheesy Animation.

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