Sunday, 9 October 2016

3D Floor plan Selection Mistakes made often.

A best amongst all the possible guesses are made by most of the people while choosing a decision to buy or rent a property. This is mostly overcame by the use of the 3D Floor plan and treating them with right methodology.

3D Floor Plan
3D Floor Plan

People make guesses for the factors involving:
  • The best suitable size of the property.
  • The locality held sided and aligned to that property.
  • The house-hold needs to be fulfilled.
  • Security features of the property.
  • Ease of access to other amenities.
  • Air circulation and lighting conditions of the property.
All the above mentioned areas and furthermore relevant criterion are presumably generated by the consumer about the 3D Floor and then the selection of the best one is made. Another common mistake made, is by coming to decide on a certain style of the property, storeys and numerical data values like carpet area and super built up area. The customer when have a fixed mind set for this, the property is less likely to be found, especially when budget is an issue.

The 3 Step Process – selecting the best:
1. Research the current market and identify costs and other miscellaneous expenditures attached to it. The builders sometimes are not trustworthy and may hide certain costs. Therefore it is a must to discuss all of this while discussing the features of the 3D Floor plan. An auditor to conduct the audit of the Plan can be hired to recognize the technical mishaps.

2. Discuss before making any presumptions and on arousal of any type of a query or a confusion. The more clarification is got about the plan, the more needs are identified whether they would be fulfilled or not. The floor plans especially in 3D can be lot more confusing and few things are not available for clarification from them, like the size of the restrooms and the width of the doors and space allotted for storage. Though, the marking and their size is mentioned, it is difficult to cultivate an interpretation. Better discuss.

3D Floor Plan
3D Floor Plan 

3. Payment for booking a property on just getting attracted by the 3D Floor plan is not a good idea, if finance is a tragedy for the customer. Therefore, home loans and housing finance are best suitable options. This makes the customer sure about the success of the floor plan since the bank and financing institutions verify everything before allowing the flow of the finance. This way alternatively a selection is already made by the customer.

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