Thursday, 10 November 2016

Character Animation an Important waft.

For any type of an animated film the Characters are considered to be the key and the core developmental fundamental subject that is the main agenda and the central idea for the story to be run on the screen. The powerful characters are to be shown and their animations are also to be created by the character artists. This is because of the characters being the central notion for the whole film and also that the main involvement in the whole story is of the characters only. Without characters and people’s interaction in the story there is not any film. Even, the story and the dialogue takes place between the characters and there is also a specified attribute and characteristics to be of the character so that they best fit in the story and then after the filming can be done.

To define a character, it can be said that the story in which some activity is to be done, then it is performed by an animated person which is called as Character by the production houses of the films. The characters are the key role-players in the whole film and they act as actors, actresses, dancers, junior artists, etc. In the real films the heroes and heroines play their roles whereas in an animated film, the characters are performing these roles. 2D characters Animation are just the type of graphic entities that do not have an angular definition, whereas the 3D Cartoon Animations have everything that concerns with the angles. Even the view from the sides, back and front, top and bottom, etc. are possible to be shown in the films these angular views gives the reflection to the viewers as if they are watching a live film.

3D Cartoon Animation
3D Cartoon Animation

Can anyone imagine the house without the living lives in it? Well, if yes, than it surely is just an empty building without any functionality. In the similar way, the film goes by, in which if the characters are not there, then it is just an empty box of frames that are set in sequence to appear one by one. This way, the characters give life to these frames by performing activities and showing movement. Even the story becomes more and more informative as the story moves on with each frame of time. Thus, characters are the only thing that makes an animated film interesting and also they are the characters only that determines the ‘character’ of the film. In spite of many perfect animated sequences, the absence of characters makes it a useless thing. 

This is the way, where character animation is required to always be there in the film of any type, especially the animated movies. The character creations takes place at the design studio only.

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